TACTICAL training for

POLICE, MILITARY and security PurposeS

* The Application Framework is for security and training purposes only.


What is STP VR -

Virtual Reality Training.

The simulation and training platform for short STP VR offers the possibility to simulate and train real application scenarios with the help of portable virtual reality technology.


Wearable technology ideal for scalable spaces


Tactical Action Review

STP VR Analytics enables the evaluation of countless factors. Individually and globally, factors such as the direction of view and orientation of the firearm, recording of spaces, tactical procedures and securing the location are recorded and made available for analysis.

  • Psychological preparation & 

    Risk minimization

  • Optimized budget

  • Evaluation & Analysis

  • Training & Re-training

  • Operations center for control

  • AI & Human 


  • Single & Multi-participant

  • Adaptive environments and dynamic action


Any environment and scenario can be created. Action and factors can be created individually


Simulation & Training Platform

is currently under development and review for police, military and security virtual training purposes.

The Application Framework is for security and training purposes only. Not for sale, rent or public entertainment installation.

If you are a police, military, health or security institution you are welcome to get in touch with us.

STP VR is a product and brand of ixtenda GmbH

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